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Cristian Rault
Saturday 19 may 2012 /  10- 12h
Lecture: The evolution of construction methods of bowed instruments.
It is common to construct bowed instruments following certain rules, like e.g. the use of spruce and maple, the harmonic brace,… And these rules are applied on all our instruments.
A more precise approach, both historical and technical, based on inspection of surviving instruments and paintings, makes us understand that these ways of constructing our 'modern' instruments was established much later than we thought. Making a journey in history, Christian Rault puts a big question mark after these so common certainties.

Educated as a painter and sculptor, Christian Rault learned the art of lutherie in Cremona. Since he established himself in Paris, he specialized in the restoration of great bowed instruments, to better understand them, before starting to build them. He has a profound passion for the instruments of the baroque period, is the author of many articles and is giving classes and conferences worldwide.  website/Christian_Rault_

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