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Giovanni Lucchi
Saturday 19 may 2012 / 16:00
Lecture: The use of the Lucchimeter to create instruments of the highest level.

The way Maestro Lucchi approaches bow making is unique. He had the possibility to create wonderful bows for some of the greatest musicians of our age (M. Rostropovich, P. Zukerman, G. Karr). In 1978, he founded the "Bow Making School" in Cremona that has graduated, in a span of about 30 years, whole generations of highly skilled bow makers and restorers.
Maestro Lucchi has devoted his life entirely to research. This research helped him to understand the importance of using a scientific method that can be reliable while selecting materials suitable for musical use.
Maestro Lucchi has been holding lectures worldwide for more than 20 years and the young Giovanni Lucchi, who left to go to Sweden as a musician, has now become a highly skilled restorer and a unique bow maker, still producing wonderful bows that are "hot-iron marked" as "G. LUCCHI CREMONA".

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