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Judith Kraft, US ( left )  /  Jane Julier, ENG ( right )
Sunday 20 may 2012 / Part one: 10h-12h / Part two: 14h-16h

This lecture will handle the different aspects of a collaboration between two independent luthiers making a Consort of Viols for the Paris Conservatoire.
How did they decide what models  to make, what sizes of viols? The choise and characteristics of the wood will be discussed. A practical demonstration and discussion of various techniques (Bent Fronts, Steam Bending, Forming and gluing the ribs without a mould) will be the cherry on the pie.

One day, while Judith Kraft was in a violin shop having her bow repaired, it dawned on her that her vocation lay in making violins.
This led her to Paris, where she got her initial training with the Parisian luthier, Bernard Prunier. She learned how to build harpsichords, rebecs, fiddles, violins and viols. In 1982, she established her own workshop in Paris. She builds instruments for musicians worldwide.
 In 2002, she helped Bernard Michaud, head of the sawmill « Bois de Lutherie » in the Jura mountains of France, organize a meeting of viol-makers from all over Europe. Over the past 10 years, the group, originally 6, now 9, has been meeting bi-annually for  a week of working together, exchanging ideas and techniques, and collectively discovering new ones.

Jane Julier has been an established viol maker for 25 years. Her instruments are played worldwide. She got bitten by the replique rolex submariner viol-making-virus back in 1975 and has been refining her methods ever since. She makes viols, mainly for English consort.
She lives and works her rural farmhouse home in Devon, England.

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