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Mimmo Peruffo

Friday 18 may 2012 / 16:00
Lecture: Period instrument stringings: equal feel, equal tension or scaled tension?
In the world of ancient music, the discussion about gut string problems is still very present. Questions mostly rise about the historical correctness of the methods used by contemporary string makers or the use of wound strings.
But what about a contemporary tension profile, defined as 'historically informed': based on historical resources?
The intention of this lecture is to go deeper into this matter, referring to historical sources and some practical demonstrations during the lecture.

Mimmo Peruffo was born at Arborea, in Sardinia isle. Pupil of the stringmaker Arturo Granata of Melzo and researcher  in Caldogno, near Vicenza (where he founded the Aquila Corde Armoniche S.a.s) devotes himself, since the 1983 year, to the study and re-creation of gut strings in use in the Renaissance, Baroque and Classic eras. In the field of research on modern materials, in 1997 he discovered and brought onto the market Nylgut, a true "synthetic gut" to substitute for nylon on historical plucked instruments and on classical guitar, ukulele, ouds, charangos etc.
His works have appeared in 'Recercare', 'F.O.M.R.H.I quarterly', 'The Italian Lute Society Bulletin’, 'Orfeo', 'The Lute Society of America Bulletin', 'Quattrocentoquindici', 'Il Fronimo', in the volume 'Gendai Guitar', ‘Das Musikinstrument’ etc.
He took care of  the gut string- section in the musical instruments catalogue of the GNM in Nürnberg  and the volume on the Bergamo 1998 exhibition "Evaristo Baschenis and still life painting in Europe". He was the first to carry out an accurate research on the gut strings pieces from the first half of the 18th century in the Museo Stradivariano in Cremona and , in April 2000, the gauging of the original violin gut strings which belonged to Nicolò Paganini. He has been reading papers in the conservatories and universities in Vienna, Dresden, Milan, Venice, London, Brussells, Florence, Brescia, The Hague, Gijon, etc.
When he has spare time (!) he plays lute, guitar and ukulele.
Video Mimmo / Gut Strings

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