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Cordefactum 2012

Instrumentenbouwersbeurs / Luthiers fair / Salon de luthiers 
19 & 20  mei / may / mai  10:00 > 19:00
In het 'Gemeenschapshuis' /In 'Gemeenschapshuis' / dans 'Gemeenschapshuis
Locatie  /  Emplacement / Location :
Zie onderaan deze pagina / See down this page / Voir en bas de cette page

Gratis inkom / Free entry / Entrée gratuite

participants/ deelnemers:

 René Slotboom, Maker of bowed instruments (NL)

 Bob Van de Kerckhove, Construction and Restoration of Historical Plucked Musical Instruments (IT)

 Le bois de lutherie (FR)

  Anton Wiegers (NL)

Gwendal Le Corre, Médiéval-Renaissance-Baroque (FR)

Gustavo Rubin, bowmaker from Argentina  (AR)

Roman Cedron
, (FR)
baroque instruments ( no website)
97 rue Gabriel Péri
94120 Fontenay sous bois
Tel :0033(0)1 49 74 04 11

Benoît Gervais, (AT)
baroque instruments ( no website)
Reisnerstrasse 25/12
1030 Vienna, Austria
0043 676 917 54 42

The ILSA Lutherie school will exhibit instruments
of students and teachers

The Centre for Musical Instrumentbuilding ( Cmb ) will
exhibit instruments of students and teachers

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Music Fund ( BE )
Music Fund supports young musicians and music schools in developing countries and conflict areas:
Music Fund coordinates collecting campaigns of musical instruments in Europe and before distributing them, makes sure they are being repaired if necessary. This way hundreds of instruments are yearly sent to music schools in Africa and the Middle East.
Music Fund provides the know-how needed for the tuning, the repair and the maintenance of musical instruments: to this end she organises initiation-workshops and internships in the ateliers of European instrument builders, and even opened and funded ateliers for restoration in some of its partnerschools.

Alle locaties :  /  Tous les emplacements : / All locations :
 2880 HINGENE, België / Belgique / Belgium

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