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Jan en Wim Van Weyenberg
Sunday 20 may 2012 / 16h
Lecture: computer guided adjustments and finetuning on the violin
Jan Van Weyenberg ( ) and his brother Wim together are a perfect match to combine the latest technology hardware, computer interfacing and programming to try to rationalize the often discussed and mystified “art” of violin adjustment.
Jan Van Weyenberg is an extremely talented and experienced violinist and was awarded numerous First Prizes. As a violin perfectionist he became fanatically interested in the violin mechanics and adjustment and started measurements and violin maker studies at CMB in Puurs. Wim Van Weyenberg is a Master of Science in Industrial Sciences, Electronics and Telecommunication. After more than 15 years as an electronics designer mostly for medical devices and computer interfaces Wim is now a lector Embedded Systems, Virtual Reality, 3D Modeling & Animation, VR Interfaces etc. at the Karel de Grote-Hogeschool Industriële Wetenschappen en Techniek, Multimedia & Communication Technology. Wim became especially interested in the violin mechanics, due to the discussions with his brother Jan. After several years of measurements Jan is now ready to proudly present the results until now. Technically supported by his brother Wim, the brothers believe to have found an important key in the guidance of rational violin mechanics fine tuning. Their measuring device is simple to use and may become indispensable to the violin maker to be able to build and fine tune this wonderful instrument based on objective and computer guided adjustments instead of trial and error and subjective hearing.
In the presentation the basic violin sound production movement will be explained and effective demonstration measurements will complement and prove the theory to contribute to a better understanding of the importance of the dimensions, positions and other parameters used in violin building and adjustment.
These insights and knowledge will be interesting for the other members of the violin family also!

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