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Cordefactum Guitar Festival 2014
Friday 30 May, 14:00

Daniele Chiesa  Luthier, Classical Guitars, IT, ES

The Construction of the Contemporary Classical Guitar
His lecture's topic will be about the more contemporary construction techniques in classical guitar building. He will talk about humidity control, show some some practical examples and will also show a little 'realtime' working to give a tangible
example on how doing something over and over for years can make it look easy.


Daniele Chiesa was born in Bergamo, Italy in 1973 and studied classical and jazz guitar since the age of 12. In 1994 he enrolled in the International Violin-making school of Cremona, learning traditional violin-making and graduated in 1998. Meanwhile he was repairing and building guitars in his own workshop. One year after, he moved to Santa Cruz, California, working for guitar maker Kenny Hill. There he was first exposed to traditional Spanish guitar construction. After almost a year he went back to his hometown in Italy, where he worked with classical guitarist and guitar maker Paolo Viscardi. At the end of 2000 he was offered a position in Tom Ribbecke’s workshop in Healdsburg, California where he stayed for a year making arch-top, semi-hollow and steel-string guitars. Meanwhile doing custom work for ‘Luthier’s Mercantile’ a local luthier’s supply company.
A full time position followed at Allied Lutherie, cutting precious Brazilian rosewood, grading wood and basically gaining a lot of hands-on experience on many different guitar-making materials. In April 2002 he went back to Europe, this time to Spain, where he took a guitar making class in Cordoba with master guitarmaker Francisco Santiago Marin. From 2002 to 2010, he worked in Granada, developing and refining his own instruments with the invaluable help of masters like his former teacher Francisco Santiago Marin, the great Antonio Marin and his nephew José Plazuelo and the late Rolf Eichinger. During these years, he travelled constantly to show his instruments and gather opinions from the best teachers, students and concert players.

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