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Cordefactum Guitar Festival 2014

Friday 30 May, 16:30
Gabriële Lodi, Luthier, Classical Guitars

"The Evolution of the Classical Guitar until 1945"
Lodi's lecture will be about the development of the Spanish Classical guitar starting from the late Romantic period until the Second World War with the introduction of the nylon strings.
He will explain the specialities in guitar building of luthiers going from Torres to Manuel Ramirez, Garcia, Simplicio &  Santos-Hernandez. He will also talk about the use of the tornavoz and the relation between strings and guitar construction.


"Liuteria Lodi" was born in the first years of the 1970's from two brothers, Leandro and Maurizio. Sons of a builder and renovator of furniture, they learned the art of the wood workmanship attending the shop of their father in the after-school.
The common desire among the two to venture in the construction of the guitar brought soon to the creation of some tools inspired to the most authoritative builders whose works were available in the conservatory. Such tools were produced in the workshop of their father, but soon they had the opportunity to open an independent workshop for the construction of classical guitars.
Gabriele, son of Maurizio started his apprenticeship with his Uncle Leandro.
The different attitudes of Maurizio and Gabriele perfectly insert and the comparison in the planning and in the assemblage is often important for the growth and for a good result. Maurizio and Gabriele continued studying and searching on original tools and the direct purchase and restorations of important historical guitars gave them a wealth of information that resulted in finding the trust of guitarists and collectors. Their first occupation remains cheap statement jewelry, however, the construction of classical guitars.


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