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Cordefactum Guitar Festival 2014
Saturday 31 May, 14:00

Markjan Vermeer
Lecture  "All about repairs!"

Everybody who plays a steel string has to face it some day: your guitar needs service. It's not a question 'if' but 'when' it will happen. In his lecture, Markjan will explain and illustrate a variety of repairs. He will provide the basics of approaching a repair, together with some very useful do's and don'ts. There's also room for questions and even real-life problems. Is your guitar in desperate need of repair? Bring it! There won't be room for many, but you might get lucky and see that your guitar will be used in the lecture to discuss the repair to the audience.


photo: Markjan at the right, Richard Hoover left

Markjan Vermeer is a luthier who builds, repairs and restores acoustic guitars. He had luthery training at the Centre for Musical instrument Building in Puurs in Belguim. Aside from luthery, he is a mechanical engineer and he has a background in machine building.
In September 2011 he took off to California to join the Santa Cruz Guitar Company. Working at this company was a great opportunity to expand his expertise as a luthier. He was part of the production crew and responsible for the service and repairs.
Markjan has performed the most common, the most dramatic and the most remarkable repairs. Neck-resets, cracks in any part of the guitar, tops that are smashed by microphone stands, requests to replace a neck with a specific shape and different scale length, these are just examples of what comes by on a daily basis in a high-end guitar shop. Doing all these repairs made Markjan realize how fulfilling it is to see people smile when they get back their guitar and notice that the result is beyond any expectation. Under the flag of the Santa Cruz Guitar Company, Markjan worked on guitars from Eric Clapton, Milow, Colin Hay, Tony Rice and many others.
Aside from the hands-on guitar work, Markjan was hired for his experience from his old profession as a mechanical engineer: He spent part of his time advising the Santa Cruz Guitar Company on production methods and improvements on tooling.
Recently Markjan got back to the Netherlands to his old workshop that he shares with Dick Dijkman who is renowned for his electric guitars. Markjan is also one of the partners in the Leonardo guitar research project.
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