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Cordefactum Guitar Festival 2014
Lecture Part #1,Friday 30 may 10:00 
Lecture Part #2, Sunday 1 june, 10:00 

The gift of time:
100 years of mistakes in lutherie exposed so that you can avoid making them yourself.
 A presentation (in 2 parts) by Richard Hoover/ Santa Cruz Company                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Guitars, and the people that love them, have been the vehicle of my life for more than 40 years.
My message is; “You always get more than you give.” Quality of life, for us and others, is the Statement of Purpose
for Santa Cruz Guitar Co. It is the first filter through which all decisions flow.
In that spirit; my Corde Factum presentation is meant to share the strength of our experience and dreams
for our common future. This is given in the hope that it will enrich other luthier’s own quality of life and add
to their fulfillment with the guitar. Our success is achieved by standing on the shoulders of the giants that came
before us.
Included in this presentation are 4 of the “secrets’ of the school of the Brothers Amati and how to incorporate the
refinements of their protégés; Stradivari and Guarneri into our own work.
It is all about the music. Like mathematics and prayer; music is a universal language that allows us to communicate
the most profound and fundamental truths.  My story will emphasize why every contribution or change that we make
to our guitar designs should be intended to enhance the player’s ability to make music and to continually clarify the message.

Richard Hoover Luthier & founding president of Santa Cruz Guitars US.
Richard Hoover’s passion for the acoustic guitar gave rise to a burning desire to discover how they were made and equally important, how they worked.  In 1968, pre-Internet days, the other independent pioneers of guitar building may just as well have been on other planets. Copying the assemblies of the important brands was straightforward, compared to truly controlling the guitar’s voice. Hoover turned to the printed body of knowledge on centuries of violin refinement as the sole source of the true way.  Herein lay the key for taking his favored instrument out of the realm of the factories and into the enlightened practice of traditional lutherie. The quest included independent experimentation, the grace of mentors, countless repairs, restorations and the construction of numerous guitars and carved-top mandolins.
Throughout the process, a concept grew.  If one tries to figure it all out by himself, it will take forever.  So Richard thought: “If I hold true to the principals and ethics of lutherie traditions, I can work as a team with others to accelerate the learning curve without compromise.”  This became the mission statement for the beginnings of boutique lutherie and the inspiration for the Santa Cruz Guitar Company.

All LECTURES / Program

- 19:30 / Presentation 'Leonardo Guitars Research Project'  followed by a Concert,  read more

- 10:00 / Richard Hoover #1( Santa Cruz Guitars ) US / Steelstring Gitaar / Read more
- 14:00 / Daniele Chiesa (IT-ES) / Classical Guitar / Read more
- 16:30 / Gabriele Lodi (IT) / Classical Guitar / Read more

- 10:00 / Richard Hoover #2( Santa Cruz Guitars ) US / Steelstring Gitaar / Read more
- 14:00 / Markjan Vermeer (NL) / Steelstring Guitar / Read more
- 16:30 / Dick Boak ( Martin Guitars ) US / Steelstring Guitar / Read more

- 10:00 / Lorenzo Frignani (IT) / Classical Guitar / Read more
- 14:00 / Gabriele Lodi - Lorenzo Frignani / panel talk / classical guitar
- 16:30 / Felipe Conde (ES) / flamenco Guitar / Read more

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