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The Leonardo Guitar Research Project is an initiative funded by the European Union.
The project’s main goal is to study, demonstrate and communicate the opportunities of building
acoustic guitars with non-tropical woods.
The project’s participating lutherie schools and luthiers want to improve global expertise in the guitar making craft in a way that adapts it to evolving ecological demands.

Leonardo Guitar Research (LGR) Project on the Cordefactum Guitar Festival 2014
All LGR-Events are entrance free.

Thursday 29 May, 19:00 presentation of the LGR project, entrance free
                                    20:00 concert on the LGR guitars, entrance free

Friday  > Sunday: 12:00>18:00 exhibition of the LGR guitars in 'Het Laathof' on the castle's compound

Saturday 31 May  10:00, audience evaluation session of the classical LGR guitars
Sunday     1 June  10:00, audience evaluation session of the steel-string LGR guitars

D E T A I L E D   I N F O   B E L O W

Presentation of the Leonardo Guitar Research Project.
Thursday 29 May 19:00 / ENTRANCE FREE
Location: Kasteel d'Ursel, Hingene > see Google Maps

Presentation/Lecture  - 19.00
A PowerPoint presentation explains replicas de relojeswhat the purpose of the project is and how the goals are achieved. 

Visit  the LGR-Website to know all about it >

Concert - after the presentation
The PowerPoint presentation is followed by a concert on the LGR Project Guitars.
Part #1 classical guitars by Hughes Kolp
Part #2 steel-string guitars by Sietze Bouma




LGR-Exhibition, 12:00>18:00
Friday 30 May , Saturday 31 May , Sunday 1 June
Location: 'Laathof' on the Castle's compound > see Google Maps
Approx. 30 non-tropical LGR Guitars made by students and teachers of the CMB (BE) and IKATA (FI) lutherie schools will be on display. Come and see, play and hear them for yourselves !

Audience evaluation sessions
Saturday 31 May 10:00, Classical Guitars / Guitarist is Oman Kaminski / Entrance free
Sunday 1 June 10:00, Steel String Guitars  / Guitarist is Jacques Stotzem / Entrance free

On reservation only > mail to


Location:  'Gemeenschapshuis' - Hingene / 500m from the Castle, see Google Maps

Acoustic steel-string and classical guitars made with tropical woods (T) will be compared with LGR-Guitars (L)
made of non-tropical woods.
For this project around 25 to 30 steel-string and 10 classical LGR Guitars are build by students and teachers of the CMB (BE)
and IKATA (FI) lutherie schools.
The main goal is to see if the two types of guitars (T and L) can be distinguished from each other in terms of sound quality both by players and by listeners. We will also assess whether aesthetic or other preferences can affect the sound rating of the guitars.

We invite all interested persons to participate in the audience tests 

On reservation only !
Send us a mail if you want to participate and let us know your name and the day: saturday and/or sunday.

 Visit the LGR-Website to know all about this project >


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