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Cordefactum 2016

V I O L A   D A   G A M B A   Consort Playing

Sunday 20/03/2016, during the day, start at 10h.replique montre

The consort playing consists of 4 sessions each with a different theme:

    1. music of Cipriano De Rore (who was born 500 years ago in Ronse, Belgium)
    2. workshop improvisation on a Ground
    3. choose your own musical piece, please mail the music score to 
        Pieter Vandeveire
    4. Passamezzo Moderno of Johannes Schultz
After the last session, you can visit to the Gamba clinic of Gesina Liedmeier at the instrument exhibition of the festival (Free entrance!).

The different groups will be coached by the following professional gamba players: Thomas Baeté, Piet Stryckers, Piet Van Steenbergen, Richard Sutcliffe 
replicas de relojes and Pieter Vandeveire.

replica orologi di lusso Price: 30€ for the 4 sessions
Subscription & more info: send a mail to Pieter Vandeveire:
Subscription deadline: 01/03/2016

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