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Leonardo Guitar Research Project Event
and the
Local Wood Challenge
Cordefactum Guitar Festival 14, 15 and 16 April 2017


Leonardo Guitar Research Project Event
The Leonardo Guitar Research Project (LGRP) aims to study the possibilities of building acoustic and classical guitars from non-tropical and sustainable local woods.
The first day of the Cordefacum Festival, Friday April 14th, is dedicated to the Leonardo-Guitar-Research-Project-Event. The LGRP-Event consists of lectures, blind and non-blind audience testing, demonstrations and concerts. An exhibition of the Leonardo-Project guitars is open to the public throughout the 3 day's of the Festival. See LGRP-Event Program below on this page ⬇ (under construction).



Local Wood Challenge

Parallel to the LGRP-Event other guitar builders will also display their non-tropical local wood guitar (of any type) on a Local Wood Challenge Show. The Local Wood Challenge is an initiative started by the European Guitar Builders (EGB) association at The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2016 in Berlin.  Due to the success and large interest in the project the EGB has made the Local Wood Challenge (LWC) an ongoing project and orologi replica will collaborate with other organizations and events to showcase instruments built following the LWC philosophy.
More information about the LWC project can be found on the EGB website

Professional luthiers who want to display their Local Wood Guitar on the LWC-Show (for free), please read the guidelines for exhibitors

Exhibtion of non-tropical Leonardo Project guitars on the LGRP-event, Cordefactum / 2014.

Exhibtion of the Local Wood Challenge Guitars, Holy Grail Guitar Show - Berlin / 2016

Program LGRP-Event, Friday 14 April 2017.

- Brian Garston & Jacky Walraet / LGRP presentation and listening test /
- A. J. Lucas / Lecture on reclaimed wood in guitar building
- François Gautier / Lecture on physical measurements of the project guitarsçoisGautier
-    ...  ...              / Lecture about psychoacoustics.

- Fabien Degryse on the project guitars ( Steel String) /

- Andrea De Vitis  on the project guitars (Classical guitars )

Exhibition from Friday till Sunday

- of the LGR-Project guitars

- of the Local Wood Challenge Guitars
Note, beside this exhibition there is also a Guitars Show during the 3 festival days (read more/ link under construction).

Contact address for the LGRP-Event and the Local Wood Challenge >

- Leonardo Guitar Research Project
- EGB's Local Wood Challenge 
- Main page Cordefactum Festival

Cordefactum 2017
with the support from
- EGB (European Guitar Builders)
- APLG (Association Professionnelle des Luthiers artisans replicas audemars piguet en Guitare et autres cordes pincées)

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