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Cordefactum 2012

Some reactions on the CordeFactum Festival 2012

what a very nice weekend that was in Hingene! Thank you so much - and of course all your colleagues - for so efficiently organising such an interesting and stimulating festival. It is a great pleasure to get out of the workshop occasionally,talk to one's fellow makers, and meet craftsmen doing different things. I especially enjoyed Pierre Bohr's talk on the Baryton (I *have* to make one, but why??) and Jane and Judiths hilarious demonstration of bending viol fronts. The concerts were really terrific too. I hope my talk was useful to the replique montre rolex audience; it was quite fun to do. It is very encouraging to see how obviously successful the Puurs Instrument making school is, from the very high standard of the exhibition. Thanks again - we returned to (sunny!) England feeling very refreshed. Please do forward this to all you colleagues.
With kind regards,
Stephen Gottlieb

Yes I really enjoyed my time at the festival. I thought the festival was very well organised with excellent speakers and concerts.
Everyone was so friendly and the venue was so tranquil and perfect for such a festival.
The food was great and the beer was wonderful! I was so sad that I couldn't carry it home because I had so much luggage, so Judith got my bottles! I expect her son's have drunk them by now.
Jane Julier

My thanks again for a very well-organised and enjoyable event. Such occasions are always a lot of work for all the people involved, but definitely worth it! Regards,
Michael Fleming

Very nice Festival and location, it is very well organized. Thank's a lot for the chance you gave us  to tell people our findings.
Thank you also for your hard work on the organisation. I enjoy your beer and food. A special thanks to our "personal drivers" from and to the airport.
Massimo Lucchi

A big CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU to CBM Peter De Rop and his team, Leen Spaepen and others, and including of course, our great teachers and group of voluteers; for the excellent job, organisation and coordination of Cordefactum2012, an unforgetable and intense event, full of valuable workshops, speeches, and social activities that ended with a delicious concert with the italian player Paolo Pandolfo. I can't wait for the next edition. Thanks a lot!
Pau Rey

Votre festival a été très agréable. A la fois sérieux et détendu sous un soleil bienveillant, entouré de vieux amis et ponctué de nouvelles rencontres. Un moment de bonheur, tout simplement.
Christian Rault

Cordefactum was hartverwarmend! Uitstekende organisatie, prachtige locatie, concerten van een onwaarschijnlijk hoog niveau..., wat wil een mens nog meer hublot replica.
Dirk De Hertogh

Een groot compliment voor de organisatie van CordeFactum. Het was wederom een fantastisch weekend. Prachtige instrumenten en concerten, zeer leerzame lezingen en discussies. Bedankt voor alles. Ik zie zeer uit naar de volgende editie.
Jan Van Cappelle

Programme Cordefactum 2012

For the 5th time the Centre for Musical Instrument Making ( Cmb ), organizes the
Cordefactum music- and instruments festival
This time we'll focus on
Viola da gamba, Lute and the Violin(-family).
18, 19 & 20 may 2012,
The festival takes place on the site of the Castle d'Ursel in Hingene, Belgium
(the castle itself, the Laathof and the church).
As part of the festival, there will be a  LUTHIERS FAIR ( FREE entrance ) on the 19th and 20th of May
. Locations, see down this page
ROEL DIELTIENS, Cello / Friday 18 may 2012 / 20:30  / read more /

ROLPH LISLEVAND, Lute / Saturday 19 may 2012 / 20:30 / read more
S O L D   O U T

PAOLO PANDOLFO, Viola da Gamba / Sunday 20 mai 2012 / 20:30 / read more
S O L D   O U T

Lectures and workshops
Click on the names for more info / All lectures in English exept Pierre Bohr in French
L = Lecture / WS = Workshop


Friday 18 may 2012
14:00 Heinz Kreuzer - My life in wood - L
16:00 Mimmo Peruffo - Period instrument stringings:  equal feel, equal tension or scaled tension? - L

Saturday 19 may 2012
10:00 Christian Rault - The evolution of construction methods of bowed instruments. - L
10:00 Stephen Gottlieb - My approach to lute making, repair and restauration. -L
14:00 Anne-Emanuelle Ceulemans - The emergence of the violin../.. J. Tinctoris to M. Mersenne - L
14:00 Pierre Bohr - The baryton . (lecture in french ) -L
16:00 Gesina Liedmeier - Basic maintenance of your viol and bow - WS
16:00 Giovanni Lucchi - The use of the Lucchimeter to create instruments of the highest level - L

Sunday 20 may 2012
10:00 Gert Schrijvers - Adjustment and maintenance of string-instruments- L
10:00 Jane Julier & Judith Kraft - Collaboration between two independent luthiers making viols.. - L
14:00 Nelly Poidevin - Violin bows from the renaissance to the classic period - L
14:00 Jane Julier & Judith Kraft -  Part two, continuation of 10:00 lecture  - L
14:00 Dirk De Hertogh - Spend your time on playing, not wrestling…lute-WS
16:00 Urs Langenbacher -  The Lutemakers of Füssen establishing their Guild 450 Jears ago - L
16:00 Michael Fleming -  Early English viol makers' tools and resources (woods) - L
16:00 Jan en Wim Van Weyenberg - Computer guided adjustments and finetuning on the violin - L

Rolf Lislevand, Saturday 14:00 and 16:00
Paolo Pandolfo,  Sunday 14:00 and 16:00
If you are interested in taking part of a masterclass, please contact us by email:

On Saturday and Sunday-morning there will be different groups of consort-playing for viol and lute-players

LUTHIERS FAIR  on the 19th and 20th of May in the church ( FREE entrance ) / List: click here

Exhibition of the Belgian OCTOBASS /read more

- Concerts 20€
- Lectures and workshops 10€
- Auditor masterclasses 5€

CLICK HERE to download the inscription form.
(Members of CMB and students will  get another subscription form with price reduction.)

More links:
Download the Festival-Poster via this link
Bed and Breakfasts round the festival-site
Cordefactum ARCHIVE 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010

all locations are in  Hingene, Belgium / Postnumber: 2880

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