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George Lowden
( IRL)

Lecture , thursday the 13th of may 2010 , 4 p.m.

Acoustic guitar design and craftsmanship...
Woods, Soundboard voicing, Bracing patterns ...
Question and answer period...

George Lowden's Website:


“The journey began in ernest in 1974 when I began the design and building of the first Lowden guitars in my workshop in Bangor County Down, Northern Ireland. From the very beginning I was determined to develop unique designs and not just copy well known makes.”

The Lowden guitar is the result of unique design, workmanship and assembly techniques along with our choice of woods.

Design: “ Curvy, smooth soundbox shapes combined with carefully voiced internal bracing and soundbox profiles, and use of natural wood decorations with our unique hand rubbed satin finish all combine to make the Lowden guitar what it is today”

Workmanship: “ Introducing unplanned for stress into any musical instrument deadens the tonal response. Our assembly techniques involve the use of hand tools to improve the quality of all joints and enable the “Dolphin Profile” voicing of the soundboard bracing. This and much much more ensures that sustain, volume and balance are not hindered in any way. No short cuts are possible, just great workmanship and attention to detail!”

Wood: We still hand split our bracing stock, re-grade soundboard wood and scour the world for the best (and often most decorative) tonewoods. These are the real ‘stars’ of our guitars, and not man made.

It is this combination of many details which determines how our guitars sound, feel, and play. Today more than ever, I am constantly evaluating our guitars and striving to further adjust the voicing, the feel and the playability.  To make Lowden guitars we need a team of individuals with “talent for focus and an eye for detail” plus a passionate commitment to no compromise. 

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