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Hans Beeckman ( BE )

Lecture: Friday the 14th of may 2010, 10 AM

Guitars and their wood: the sound of living things

Wood constitutes the bulk mass of the living nature and still ranks between the most important raw materials for the construction of buildings, the production of tools and not to forget guitars and other string instruments. Even in the material culture of our industrialized society wood is omnipresent.
A sound use of wood has to respect the biotic nature of the product and especially keep in mind that the cradle of any wooden product stands in the forest.
Because wood is from living beings it implies that it displays two fundamental characteristics. First of all it is highly compartmentalized since it consists of cells. Secondly wood is presented in extraordinarily diverse forms unlike artificial material. This is not only because of the variety of species, but also because of the differences that exist from one tree to another and even from one sample to another of the same tree.
It is essential to pay attention to these fundamental characteristics in order to better understand the nature of the wood that is being used for guitar construction.
An overview is given of the wood species being used for guitar construction and their ecological and technological features are being discussed.   

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