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Jacky Walraet in the NY workshop of his favorite guitar builder John Monteleone ( some years ago now)

Jacky Walraet (BE)

lecture: sunday the 16th of may 2010 at 10 A.M.
How to optimize the rolex replica playability of steel-string acoustic, electric and arch-top guitars.

As an introduction we will  overview the physical properties and phenomena of a guitar in action.
How is a string reacting when it's plugged, and how is the total construction and system reacting on that energy ?
What are sound waves, harmonics , color.. and how are they influenced ?
With the answers and knowledge in mind, we will focus on the functions and different parts of the guitar and explain their relationship.
Truss rod / Neck relief / Action / String gauge / Top-nut / Saddle / Frets / Compensation ...
Finally we will see how all these elements have to be set up.
What are the do's and don'ts rules?
What are the standards and how can we go beyond these standards to get a more personalized set up resulting in a smoothly playable instrument.

(If you like you can bring your own guitar to the lecture. We can take a look at it and use somme guitars as didactic material.)

bio Jacky Walraet fausse montre
Since 1990 Jacky Walraet is teacher guitar-making at the Center For Musical Instrument Building in Puurs, Belgium .
He has a workshop in Ghent were he makes archtops, flat-tops and solidbody guitars.
Also he is intrigued in those famous arch-top-instruments of considerable size, the double basses.
website jacky walraet

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