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Karel Dedain (BE)
Lecture: Saturday the 15th of may 2010 at 10 am.
Adjusting classical guitars for better playability.

This lecture/ workshop is mainly an introduction in classical guitar adjustment.
Guitar players  often don’t realise that the instrument they are playing could  be made far more easy to handle by doing some slight adjustments. We will see how different parameters of the guitar can be changed in order to become much smoother playability.
Specific terms will be handled and explained clearly to get a better understanding in the working of the instrument. Standards for classical as well as flamenco guitars will be given.
After that, we can go to some ‘troubleshooting’: what can be the causes of a buzz-sound? why is my guitar so hard to play on? Can I solve these problems myself?

Bio Karel Dedain
Since 2006 Karel Dedain is teaching lute and classical guitar making at the Centre For Musical Instrument Building in Puurs, Belgium, where he himself started his education in 1998.
He has a workshop specialising in classical and flamenco guitar construction in Ghent, Belgium.

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