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Ken Parker (US)

Lecture 1 / Archtop guitar construction / Friday 14th of may 2010 / 4 p.m.
" I'll describe the forces and experiences that shaped my design goals, and talk in detail about my understanding of the organic and man made materials that I use for instrument making.  We will discuss the superior potential of the acoustic archtop guitar, and look at the way that the instrument can be optimized by studying the strengths of traditional instrument design, emphasizing the value of balance and proportion.  Students will be encouraged to question the status quo, and to use their curiosity and intellect to define the exciting challenges in instrument making, and devise pathways to achieve excellence. " Ken P.

Lecture 2 / Questioning Ken / Saturday 15th of may 2010 / 10 a.m.
A group of Cmb-students will prepare questions about archtop guitar construction. 
If you like to join the group, email
In this lecture Parker will attempt to answer these questions...

Panel talk : Ken Parker & Ulrich Teuffel / Saturday 15th of may 2010 / 4 p.m.
... Exploring New Materials and Happily Risking Failure / ... Please Try This at Home /... Tradition Has To Start Somewhere /
... Not for The Faint Of Heart /
.. The Stradivarisation of the Electric Guitar / ...Made to be abused /  ... Jim Marshall - the Guarneri of 1959 /...

Ken's website >

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Take a look at some beautiful pictures by Ken's photographer, Talisman Brolin

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