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Muriel Anderson 
Acoustic Fingerstyle  Guitar

Concert / Friday 14th of may, 8,30 p.m.
Masterclass/Workshop , saturday 15th of may, 2 p.m.
" I will go around the room and ask what people would like to get from the workshop. I tailor the workshop accordingly, so everyone goes away with some new knowledge and techniques they can really use.  I encourage students to bring their guitars so they can try out the new riffs and techniques right there. It's also OK to bring a recorder or video camera so they can listen again at home.
This masterclass/workshop is open for questions from the audience." M. Anderson

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Muriel Anderson is one of the world's leading cheap chains guitarists/harp-guitarists, composers, and the first woman to have won the National Finger Picking Guitar Championship. From her studies with country guitar legend Chet Atkins and classical virtuoso Christopher Parkening, she has carved out a repertoire that stretches from The Beatles to Bach, Bluegrass to Bulgarian music with influences of jazz and world music. Muriel has appeared on the covers of several guitar magazines such as Acoustic Player and Classical Guitar Player and her music is featured in Woody Allen’s new film. Performances will feature her custom-made harp guitar and her new original compositions.

"Acoustic guitarist Muriel Anderson... has justifiably gained a reputation as one of the world's best, and most versatile, guitar instrumentalists." ...Chicago Tribune
"Just one hell of a great player …a great personality and what I like is the touch that Muriel has on the guitar, the way she plays it like we all wish to play." …Les Paul
“Muriel Anderson is a good friend and a great guitarist. She deserves National Recognition.” …Chet Atkins

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