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Ulrich Teuffel (DE)

Lecture  / Saturday 15th of may 2010 / 2 p.m.
Form follows Conception .
"Allthough the electric solid body guitar is more than 60 years old now it's development hasn't stopped yet. Aside from the rollback of guitar design back into the 50ies and 60ies there is a small group of guitar makers challenging the strenght of new concepts.
In my lecture I'll describe the process from a conceptional idea to a final guitar series. I will explain how sound principles can be detected by leaving the mainstreet of guitar construction." U. Teuffel

Panel talk : Ulrich Teuffel  & Ken Parker / Saturday 15th of may 2010 / 4 p.m.
... The Stradivarisation of the Electric Guitar / ...Made to be abused /  ... Jim Marshall - the Guarneri of 1959 /
... Exploring New Materials and Happily Risking Failure" / ...Please Try This at Home /... Tradition Has To Start Somewhere /
... Not for The Faint Of Heart

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